Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center


Christine, one of the RNs

Christine, RN

I was admitted to your Wound Care Center with an abrasion/gouge on my lower right leg that I had neglected. Then I finally went to my primary physician who recommended your service. Your expertise treated my inevitable infection and started tissue growth therapy. As of today, completely successful. At every appointment, I did not have to wait and each step was explained. Although I don't want to repeat the experience, I am very thankful that you were there for me. - J. A.
Just wanted to thank Dr. Shuleshko and her wonderful staff! They have all been terrifid during all my visits at the Wound Center. On a scale of 1 to 10, they all get a 10! Thanks for everything. - P. T.
Under Dr. Shuleshko's direction, I received some of the best care of any medical team that I have experienced. Specifically, I was always on time and was admitted immediately with little or nowait; the nurses were efficient, yet careful with preparing, cleaning, and photographing my wound; Dr. Shuleshko was thorough in treating the wound, advising me on home treatment, and answered all of my questions in a clear, complete manner. Overall, I was impressed with the knowledfe, thoroughness, and friendliness of the doctor, her nurses, and receptionist. I would offer that the Wound Care Center is a well-run, competent, and efficient team under the leadership of Dr. Shuleshko. In my lay opinion, it is the model of a medical team for effective patient care. - W. B.
I am totally happy with the caring and compassionate care received by the doctor and staff under her supervision. I am very fortunate, even though the injury happened, to have availability to your outstanding hospital. Should the need arise, I would recommend Dr. Shuleshko without hesitation. - R. S.
I have been a patient under the care of Dr. Shuleshko at the Wound Care Center. She has been very helpful in all decisions and treatments. I am a diabetic and had a painful, chronic, open wound on my toe. She ordered an MRI scan which confirmed the cause and my care included hyperbaric oxygen treatment. - F. M.
I received the finest care from Dr. Shuleshko, Christine, Susan, and Kelly. They are all very professional in their work and showed care and concern for my condition at all times. I am now healed and I would highly recommend your facility to anyone who suffers from a serious wound and needs treatment. - A. S.
Dr. Shuleshko took extra care treating and checking to be sure my surgical abdominal wounds were healing. She and her staff were wonderful and very gentle. I work with a lot of athletes who end up with wounds. I plan on referring them to this Wound Care Center in the future. - J. M.
Thank you, Dr. Shuleshko, for coming to the examining room each time and doing whatever was necessary to treat the crush wound to my leg. Thank you, too, for keeping the surgeon, who operated on my wound informed of my progress, and also your contact with Home Health Services to coordinate home visits while they were necessary. My visits to the Wound Care Center have been the most comfortable experiences I have had in any medical facility. I surely can't think of any improvement needed. You're perfect, just as you are! - M. C.